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Plastid AS is a spinout from the University of Stavanger, based on technology developed by Professor Simon Møller as a result of 15 years of research in plastid biology and plastid engineering. It offers an altrnative to nuclear transformation and complementary methodology for plant modification.

The primary focus for commercialisation is in the Agbiotechnology sector:


The main advantages of the technology is the combination of high efficiency and speed of transformation, the predictability between events and the clean genetics of transgene(s) insertion.


Most plants (and crops) are polyploid and plastid transformation avoids issues associated with multiple sets of chromosomes as transgene(s) insertion is specifically targeted to pre-defined sites within the plastid genome. Combined with the increased efficiency and speed of transformation, when using the patented selection and regeneration protocols, Plastid AS technology has major advantages over conventional nuclear and plastid transformation approaches.


Plastid are in discussion with a number of industry and research centres for the further development of the system. For more information on this opportunity, please contact Rosalind Russell (rosalind.russell@plastid.no). 



Plastid was commercialised through Prekubator AS


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Plastid AS established

20 June 2007