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Professor Simon Geir Møller has been an independent investigator and research group leader since 2001 (at the University of Leicester, UK) with over 16 years personal research experience in plastid biology and plastid genetic engineering. He is currently Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Research and Professor Biological Sciences at St Johns University, New York where research into plastid tranformation for agbiotechnology is currently focused. The technology was established as a spinout from the University of Stavanger and Centre for Organelle Research (CORE), where Professor Møller and his laboratory had extensive expertise in plastid biology with emphasis on plastid transformation, Fe-S cluster biogenesis and plastid division.

POC Maize

  • New selection system based on the requirement of the hormone Auxin for tissue regeneration in maize (Further technical details available under confidentiality)


POC Tobacco

  • A.No insertion of transgene into nuclear genome
  • B.Insert sequence always identical
  • C. Stability tests shows identical expression across 3 generations.
  • D.Uniform temporal and spatial expression of recombinant proteins throughout the plant
  • E. Uniform expression across multiple events
  • F.Successful expression of prokaryotic and 
eukaryotic proteins:
    • ATPase
    • Biomarker
    • Malaria (plasmodium falciparum)
    • Antibodies
    • Antigens
    • Restriction Enzymes (polymerases, ligases, kinases, phosphatases, integrase)


Selected Publications:


Jodi Maple and Simon Geir Møller (2007). Interdependency of Min complex formation and localization controls symmetric plastid division. J Cell Science. 120, 3446-3456.


Astrid E Tveitaskog, Jodi Maple and Simon Geir Møller (2007). Plastid division in an evolutionary context. Biol. Chem., 388, 937-942.


Jodi Maple and Simon Geir Møller (2007). Plastid division coordination across a  double-membraned structure. FEBS Letters581, 2162-2167


Jodi Maple, Lea Vojta, Jurgen Soll and Simon Geir Møller (2007) ARC3 is a stromal Z-ring accessory protein essential for plastid division.EMBO Rep. 8, 293-299.


Jodi Maple and Simon Geir Møller (2006). Plastid Division: Evolution, Mechanism and Complexity. Annals Bot.99, 565-579.


Xiang Ming Xu and Simon Geir Møller (2006) AtSufE is an essential activator of plastidic and mitochondrial desulfurases in Arabidopsis. EMBO J. 25. 900-909.


Jodi Maple, Cassie Aldridge and Simon Geir Møller (2005) Plastid division is mediated by combinatorial assembly of plastid division proteins. Plant J. 43. 811-823


Jodi Maple, Cassie Aldridge and Simon Geir Møller (2005) The molecular biology of plastid division. J. Ex. Bot.56, 1061-1077.


Xiang Ming Xu, Sally Adams, Nam-Hai Chua and Simon Geir Møller (2005) AtNAP1 represents an atypical SufB protein in Arabidopsis plastids. J. Biol. Chem. 280, 6648-6654.


Xiang Ming Xu and Simon Geir Møller (2004) AtNAP7 is a plastidic SufC-like ABC/ATPase essential for Arabidopsis embryogenesis. Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A. 101, 9143-9148.


Jodi Maple, Makoto T. Fujiwara, Nobutaka Kitahata, Tracey Lawson, Neil Baker, Shigeo Yoshida and Simon Geir Møller (2004)GIANT CHLOROPLAST 1 is essential for correct plastid division in Arabidopsis. Current Biology. 14, 776-781.


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